San Joaquin Net History

                                                        The San Joaquin net was formed April 28, 1959, by                                                               K6EJT Bill with a group of amateur radio operators                                                             that included:
                                                        Al K6RPL, Roger K6HEZ, Alex W6BWM, Fred WA6AFW,                                                         Joe W6YQK, Jim K6ZFM, Floyd W6MJS, Verne K6EBO,                                                             John W6QRB, Sam K6OBG, Charlie K6SWW and Mike                                                           WA6OLG.
They met on 3.915 Kc every night but Sundays and holidays.
Members gave a weather report from their area.
The net increased in members, and changed the name to The San
Joaquin Net.  The net has grown to a membership of over seventy
members with Q T H's throughout California.

                                                                                  The history of the San Joaquin Net was
                                            Compiled by Edith L. "Salley"  Nikkel  WB6FOA  of Pleasant Hill and copied
                                                                          by Harry L.  "Bud" Odgers WA6OVE of El Portal
                                                                                                         April, 1991

AD6F, Rich - Our official "candid" photographer

Net Manager:                        Jim Wintemute AA6F

Net Secretary:                      Ken Martzen W6WMD

Assistant Net Secretary:   Jeff Lillard  AD6RH


2019 Annual SJHF Picnic - Roeding Park Fresno - May 4th

​Celebrating 60 years of service!

1/12/2020 - Net Manager, Jim AA6F, has received confirmation from Fresno Regional Parks that the Pine Grove Shelter tables 1 and 2 are reserved for our annual picnic at Roeding Park on Saturday, May 2, 2020.  This is the same location as last year. Mark your calendars!

1/12/2020-   UPDATE   Net Secretary W6WMD,  Ken Martzen is home! Ken, W6WMD, had his procedure to do a three way by-pass of his coronary arteries and an aortic valve replacement on Saturday, January 4. The procedure was done at Mercy General Hospital in Sacramento. Ken is now home and enjoying familiar surroundings!! He tried to check in Friday but didn’t hear anything (blanket check-in) and missed the time on Saturday. Ken says he is getting stronger every day. If the band conditions improve, we should hear him on 3918 soon! Wonderful news!

11/17/19 Net Manager Jim, AA6F Announces New Feature- Net Manager, AA6F Jim is providing a new service where he has marked up the calendar to show the past blanket check-in dates. On the current calendar shown on the calendar page,  days shaded in gray will indicate that a blanket check-in was called. The calendar in Resources will remain unchanged. Jim will send an updated calendar each Saturday after the net and Myron WA6BLB will post it to the webpage either on Saturday night or Sunday.
     Jim also provided an explanation of the effect of a blanket check-in on how the Merit System is calculated. He states, "When a blanket check-in is called by the net control operator all net members on the roll call receive zero points toward their position on the next month’s roll call. This applies to any stations that may have been acknowledged by the net control operator before the blanket check-in was called."

Remembering Our Silent Keys of 2019

George Stevans, K6SNA

           SK 8/6/19

Photo courtesy of Bill, WB6FEH

Photos courtesy of AD6X, Rich

Name tagging courtesy of WA6BLB

           2018 Annual Picnic

 Harry L. "Bud" Odgers, WA6OVE

Joe Mizutani, WB6KCE

      SK 2/8/19

San Joaquin Net meets Monday-Saturday on 3918 khz, at 6 PM Pacific Time

Back Row: Jack WY6B, Glenita KB6PKN, Rich AD6X, Ken W6WMD, Jim AA6F, Jim WA6KKD, Myron WA6BLB, Sarah WD6FUF,

Robert K6LYI, Larry AD6W, Bill WB6FEH 

​Front Row: Shirley  KD6DJD, Cathy KJ6EM, Bob K6RMW, Bob K6GDI, Mike WB6VGL, Roger WD6CNV 

​Not Pictured But Attending: Chuck W6DPD

Bob Perry, K6GDI

        SK 2/14/19

Edith L. "Salley" Nikkel, WB6FOA

                            San Joaquin Net News:​​


The annual San Joaquin Net Picnic was held at Roeding Park in Fresno on Saturday, May 12, 2018. This year the picnic was asgain located at the Pine Gove Shelter at the northeast corner of the park. Approximately 20 hams were in attendance this year.

Thanks to Sarah WD6FUF, Bill WB6FEH, AD6X Rich (our "official photographer") and Myron WA6BLB for supplying these pictures.

The 2019 San Joaquin Net Picnic was held on Saturday,  May 4th at Roeding Park in Fresno at the Pine Grove Shelter. Set up began shortly after 9:00 and people started trickling in after that.  As usual, there was a great spread of salads and desserts to accompany the entrees and the perfectly grilled hot dogs by Jim -  AA6F!


   Roger Corum, WD6CNV

                SK 2/3/19