Choinumni Campout

     May 3 - 4, 2016

Pictures courtesy of Rich, AD6X

The pictures below are of WA6KKD's power pole tower and antennas today. 30+ years ago Jim operated using these antennas at his family home in Cutler, California. The family home was sold after his parents' deaths,  but the antennas remain - although not as straight when Jim operated!

San Joaquin Net Members at International DX Convention

                                  Visalia, CA  April 21, 2018

WA6MIZ Steve doing some feedline repairs on K6SNA George's antenna tower!

Photos courtesy of Sarah, WD6FUF

Pictures courtesy of Rich, AD6X

San Joaquin Net Picnic 2014

San Joaquin Net Picnic

​          May 7, 2016

Pictures courtesy of Rich, AD6X and Sarah WD6FUF

San Joaquin Net Picnic

         May 6, 2017